• What are Charter Schools?

    Charter schools are public schools of choice. They exercise increased autonomy in return for increased responsibility.


    Who Funds a Charter School?

    We are funded by local/state/federal funds, grants, and endowments.  There are no enrollment/tuition fees.


    Why should I choose Alaska Native Cultural Charter School (ANCCS)?

    The school incorporates active engagement with today's Alaska Native community. The school offers students a curriculum focused on Alaska Native culture and a rigorous academic program that develops academic achievement.

    Family members and elders are an important part of every aspect of the program.


    How are students chosen for ANCCS?

    A lottery is used for enrollment. Families applying for their child or children, in grades K-8, can complete the ASD Lottery Form and return it to the school. We will continue to register students until we have met our 300 student enrollment cap. Preschool has a separate application process.


    Who makes the decisions for the Charter School?

    Decision making for the school is made through the Academic Policy Committee, which is elected by parents and school staff along with the school principal.


    Is there transportation?

    We are sorry, but at this time transportation is not provided. Parents are responsible for their student's transportation. If you are interested in participating in a carpool, please join our Facebook Ride Share group.


    Are there job openings?

    Our staff are hired through the Anchorage School District. Visit their employment page to view openings in the district.


    How can I volunteer?

    Volunteers are needed for languages, weaving, beading, carpooling, dancing, typing, filing, tutoring, singing, reading aloud, job skills, classroom speaker, photocopying, phone calls, cooking food, etc. Please complete the   ASD Volunteer Application and contact the front office to find out more about available opportunities. 


    2023 - 2024 Attestation Letter

    23-24 Attestation Letter

Guiding Native Values

  • Respect for elders

    Honor the ancestors

    Respect for family, self and others

    Preserve and pass on traditional ways of knowing

    Responsibility, hard work, and endurance

    Compassion, dignity and humility

    Humor, cooperation and caring

    Knowledge of and respect for nature

    Knowledge of language



Volunteers Needed

  • Why Volunteer?

    • Make a difference
    • Give back to the Native community
    • Share skills and talents
    • Develop new friendships
    • Improve Native Student education


    How much time do I volunteer?

    Each of us has different schedules and time constraints. Some volunteers volunteer once a month, on a regular basis, or for special projects. The possibilities are endless and any time you can give is greatly appreciated.


    What can volunteers do?

    • Chaperone field trips
    • Make copies
    • Read
    • Help in the library
    • Teach a skill