Setting Positive Expectations

  • Greetings from the Student and Staff Services Office. One of our priorities this year is to set positive expectations for our students. The purpose of these expectations is to give a common language to the actions students can take to be successful at Eagle River High School. 

    Although these expectations are a living document and will be revised as necessary, the current list of expectations is a good starting point for reflection on how our decisions impact our success. 

    These expectations were developed collaboratively and represent student and teacher expectations of one another. I encourage you to engage your students in conversations about how they are using these strategies to fulfill their potential.

    Student & Staff Expectations‌

    As an extension of these positive expectations, we also created dress code posters that provide a positive example of how to dress for school. The expectation from the above list that most directly addresses this issue is, “Dress in a manner that represents you well and aligns with the learning you are doing."

    Dress Code Poster 

    In closing, I emphasize the importance of students attending school every day and taking full advantage of every learning opportunity. Again, the expectation from the list that best represents this priority is, “Take initiative; be present; own your mistakes and turn them into chances to reflect and improve.” 

    I realize there are occasions when students will be absent. In this instance, please call 907-742-2720 as soon as you know an absence will occur. If you leave a message, please state your name and your student’s name. This will allow us to manage attendance efficiently. 

    As always, we encourage everyone to consider scheduling longer trips to coincide with school calendar breaks to minimize disruptions to students’ learning. 


    Russell Shurtleff
    Assistant Principal, Student and Staff Services