Entrepreneurship and Enterprise

  • Stacy Miller - Instructor



    Grade levels 11 and 12. PM sessions offered


    Why take this course?

    • Create and market your own business ideas
    • Develop valuable business skills like planning and decision making
    • Work in teams with your peers and with industry professionals to achieve your goals 


    Students will learn and experience business operations through a hands-on and problem-based curriculum. The focus in this semester class will be on entrepreneurship business start-up; students will work in teams to develop, plan, and sell a product or service at King Tech High School’s marketplace events.


    Students will work with industry partners to develop their businesses. Rather than study such business fields as accounting, finance, and marketing in isolation, students will learn how all of these fields fit together in a functioning business. Personal ethics, business planning, economics, finance, accounting basics, communications, marketing, corporate responsibility, and technical writing will be integrated into the course. 



    Grade levels 11 and 12. AM sessions offered


    Why take this course?

    • Operate & manage King’s Cafe - the school coffee shop
    • Develop valuable business management knowledge and skills
    • Work in teams with your peers and with industry professionals to complete projects


    Students in the Enterprise semester course will manage an established small business, King’s Café. They will learn more advanced skills in marketing, operations, inventory control, and customer service. They will also complete a six-week internship in a field that they find interesting and/or work on current industry projects with local businesses. 


    Both classes: Students will have the chance to meet and work with local industry professionals and use similar computer applications including Google Docs, Slides, Presentation, and basic web design. They will also develop valuable customer service and decision-making skills applicable to careers in business.


    Credits and Certifications 

    Same for both courses


    .5 Economics

    .5 Language Arts

    .5 Elective



    The Career Tree strategy and classroom tool is a game-changing approach to spark student dialogue about what's possible in their careers and how to get there. King Tech uses this tool to help ensure a positive outcome and make a difference for students and community.

  • Entrepreneurship and Enterprise