Public Safety: Criminal Justice

  • Teena Calkin - Instructor

    Ms. Calkin has a Type M Teaching Certificate and is a certified Medic First Aid CPR/AED/First Aid Instructor. She has spent 3 years as a loss prevention officer, 10+ years SOA DOC probation/parole, 5 years Law Enforcement Explorers, 16 years Court Appointed Special Advocate and has over 250 hours of varied training in criminal justice. She pursues ongoing training in the FBI Citizens Academy.


    Grade level 11-12.  Public Safety and Security Prerequisites: Good reading and writing skills recommended.


    Why take this course?

    • Develop valuable critical thinking skills through real world scenario training
    • Operate modern simulation equipment
    • Earn college credit while in high school
    • Life lessons for success every day


    Criminal Justice students learn to work as part of a professional criminal justice team. Students will study the history of the criminal justice system, the three components: law enforcement, courts, and corrections, and how they work together, as well as the various role expectations within those three components. In addition to legal terminology, students will also study basic interview techniques, crime scene investigation including photography, basic fingerprinting techniques, report writing, courtroom presentation and basic firearms safety.
    Students can participate in Skills USA competitions in Criminal Justice or CSI with practices after school.


    Students in this program are evaluated on the basis of attendance, professionalism, mastery of skills, written test scores, daily progress and community work service. Community work service is a requirement with 20 hours of activities preferably related to the justice or social system. Certain class projects can be used as community work service hours. This class includes guest speakers and related field trips.


    Credits and Certifications

    1.0 Elective

    .5 Social Studies

    CPR/First Aid Certification

    AED certification


    The Career Tree strategy and classroom tool is a game-changing approach to spark student dialogue about what's possible in their careers and how to get there. King Tech uses this tool to help ensure a positive outcome and make a difference for students and community.


    Criminal Justice career tree