Testing Opportunities

  • UAA Placement Assessments


    UAA uses Accuplacer, a computerized placement test to assess skills in English. Students are only permitted to register for English courses at the level indicated by the student’s Accuplacer, ACT or SAT scores. 

    Opportunities to take Accuplacer:

    • Students will need to bring their high school ID or a government issued ID, such as a driver’s license. 
    • Students will need to be prepared to use their ASD ID numbers.
    • The Anchorage School District covers the fee for AMCS applicants to take the Accuplacer. Applicants will not be required to pay the testing fee.
    • Register here: Accuplacer Registration
      • Choose 'Anchorage School District - Alaska Middle College'
        • Choose Group: Alaska Middle College
        • Choose Exam: Alaska Middle College - Anchorage
        • Choose Date
        • Choose Time
        • Fill in student information
        • Agree to guidelines
        • Add to cart
        • Click 'Complete Registration'


  • UAA uses ALEKS, a computerized placement test to assess skills in math. Students are only permitted to register for math courses at the level indicated by the student’s ALEKS, ACT or SAT scores. ALEKS will be taken on student’s own time and location. 

    Opportunity to take ALEKS:

    • UAA AMCS ALEKS Guide. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for how to complete the next two bulleted steps.
    • Students need to complete non-degree seeking application as per ALEKS Guide (takes about 72 hours to receive UA username and password)
    • Students will need to know/remember their individual UA username and password
    • Students should navigate to the  UA Math Placement ALEKS Site https://www.Alaska.edu/aleks/take-the-placement-test/
      • NOTE: First bullet under “Before you begin, you must…” has links to the Registrar’s Office. This needs to be ignored as it does not apply to AMCS at this time.
      • Each section needs to be read before selecting the check box next to Agree – it is important test integrity is very important (doing one’s own work; using a calculator as directed; etc.)
      • Proceeding through this site will take students to the UAA math placement portal where students sign-in – log in using their UA username and password
      • Once testing has begun, it must be completed within 72 hours
      • BONUS – ALEKS may be taken up to 5 times (within 12 months). After the initial assessment, ALEKS will create a targeted Preparation and Learning Module to help students review and learn material; consequently, this will improve placement and eventual course outcomes.