• Complete Non-Degree Seeking Application 

    Navigate to the UAA Admissions page:

    Click on the green button in the picture that says "How to Apply"


    Click “Start an Application” then click “Just Taking a Class – Non-Degree Seeking:”


    Click on Apply.

    University of Alaska apply image

    The new screen will look like this:

    From this point, as a new student to UAA, you will need to click on the red "New Student."

    Admissions Login

    On the next screen, you’ll create a temporary Login ID and PIN. Once admitted, you will receive a university login ID and will have the opportunity to reset your password.

    Admissions Temporary Login New User

    On the next screen, select “University of Alaska Anchorage” and “Secondary School,” then “continue.”

    Select an Application Type

    Select Fall Semester 2018 as the admission term, complete your name and click “Fill Out Application.”

    Apply for Admissions

    The next screens are biographical. You will click “continue” through each screen until all the sections have red check marks like the above.

    Biographical image


    1. Under High School Information, enter code 020030 for AMCS with your approximate expected graduation date (the month and year are most important).
    2. List someone other than yourself for Emergency Contact Information.

    High School Information image

    Once all sections have red checkmarks, click “Application is Complete.” 

    You will receive a confirmation page like below:

    Signature Page

    After 24 hours have passed, you can visit to set up your password and obtain your UAA username and UAA student ID number (see Reset UAA Password with tutorial).

Reset Your UA Password

    1. Navigate to
    2. Click on Option 3:

    Reset Your Password

    3. Input the students personal information and click GO ELMO!

    4. Answer at least 5 of the security questions presented. 

    5. Click on the down arrow next to Username and select your username. 

    Type in your new password into both fields then click Set Password.


    Your new UA ID number and UA Username is presented as well as your primary email address (click change next to your email address and you can input a personal email to have all university emails forwarded to). 

    Write down your UA ID# and username, and be sure to remember your password.

Sign In to ALEKS

    1. Once you have your UA username and password, you can sign in to ALEKS.
    2. Navigate to
    3. Read each section before selecting the check box next to Agree and then click the next button.

    I have read the Vow of Academic Integrity

    4. Click sing-in below UAA

    Proceed to Your Universitys Math Placement Portal

    5. Log in with your UA username and password and click login.

    Login page

    6. Select the check box and click Continue.

    Usage Agreement

    7. Click Continue

    Security page to continue


    back to account and continue to ALEK class

    9. Follow along the prompts to begin your test.

    10. When finished, you will see your results. Click on the printer icon in the bottom right if you would like to print your results.

    11. You have now completed your ALEKS placement test!