COVID-19 Update

  • Thank you for your interest in renting ASD facilities for your indoor activities. Due to current COVID-19 conditions, it is necessary for community rental groups to provide documentation that outlines how your group will adhere to the CDC, State of Alaska, and Municipality of Anchorage guidelines relating to the pandemic. If you are interested in renting ASD facilities, provide the following information to 

    • Name of group/organization 
    • Event coordinator’s name, title, email address and phone number 
    • List of spaces requested with the number of participants per space.
      • Only MPRs, gyms and large common areas are currently available for rental activities.
        • Special consideration will be given for the rental of auditoriums on a case by case basis.
        • Rental of spaces will be limited to no more than two evenings per week, and not on consecutive evenings.
        • Rental of elementary school INDOOR spaces will not be approved. 
    • A detailed COVID-19 mitigation plan with safety measures and operational guidelines to include, but not limited to: 
      • Copy of signage group will post on entryways to the school indicating that participants who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, have been in contact with someone with COVID-19, or traveled out of state in the last 14 days cannot participate in the activity or enter the premises. 
      • Keep a legible log of all participants for possible contact tracing.
      • Describe how your group will encourage participants to maintain appropriate physical distancing, wash hands frequently and wear face coverings.
      • All participants involved in the facility rental of any ASD school or building are required to wear appropriate and proper fitting face masks/coverings at all times. Refer to the District’s home page for more information.
      • List the measures your group will use to disinfect/sanitize commonly used equipment and surfaces during and immediately after the activity. This includes all commonly touched areas such as chairs, tables, doorknobs, etc.  Include time within your rental request for your group to take care of all sanitizing requirements.  


    Be mindful that approval and subsequent start date are contingent on documentation submitted. Please allow 7 - 10 days for review. The end date for all rental submissions should be not later than December 20, 2020. 

New certificate of insurance requirements

    • Certificate of Insurance in the amount of $1M, commercial general liability with subrogation waiver and list ASD as additional insured.

  • ASD facilities available for rental purposes:




    Classrooms Multipurpose rooms
    Meeting Rooms Gyms Grassy areas
    Sports complexes Fields, tracks, rinks Parking lots and more!

Community Member Rental Requests

  • If You are a Community Member and Would Like to Submit a Rental Request:   

    fs direct image

    Community member login 
    Click here to log in

    1. Click on the Community member login button and create a user account. Reference the Video 1: Requesting access to guide you through the process.
    2. After your account is approved (approximately 24 hours after your request is submitted), click the community member login button again and log in.
    3. Schedule your events; reference video 2: Submitting requests to guide you through the process. 

    If you have any questions, please contact rentals at 742-4141


Rental Fees

  • Rental fees are based on the type of group using the facility, function, type of facility used and time of use. Consult the chart below for specific rate information.

Rental Fees

Elementary School Access Procedures

  • In order to provide increased safety and security for after school rental activities, a building access procedure has been implemented for non-school related events.  The doors to ASD elementary schools will remain locked at all times.  The school’s evening custodian will unlock the main door approximately ten (10) minutes before your scheduled rental time until ten (10) minutes after the start of your rental activity.  Once the custodian has provided building access to your rental group, the doors will be locked.  It is then the responsibility of the group’s coordinator to provide building access to their participants. The coordinator should either assign someone to wait by the door to allow only their participants entry into the building OR leave a note on the door with the coordinator’s phone number so that participants can call for assistance.


    Please share this communication with your coordinators and coaches.  We appreciate your support of the rental process and thank you for understanding the importance of this safety measure.